Motel Punt14 | Super Love Hotel by the hour in Barcelona

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me, what’s a SuperLoveHotel?

Design, elegance, mystery and total discretion surround king size beds, hydromassage bathtubs and double bathtubs. A Love Hotel offers all this and much more. Rooms by the hour or with no time limit so you can enjoy your time with your partner to the fullest and find the privacy you’re looking for. In short, Contemporary love for couples only.

H Regàs

La Paloma

La França


And what’s the non-stop stay with no time limit?

Our rooms by the hour are normally booked without a time limit. We call this a “non-stop” stay. The only condition is that you can’t leave the room during your stay. Once you leave your room it will be made available to our other guests again.

Full night or non-stop stay with no time limit, what’s the difference?

Non-stop stay without time limit is a special deal at the SuperLoveHotels that means once you leave the room it is made available to our other guests. A full-night stay is like at any other hotel, with 12 pm checkout.

Total discretion, how do you do it?

When you arrive, whether in taxi or by car, you go through a tunnel that leads to a private car park where each car is hidden from the rest. From there, we escort guest to their rooms. We make sure guests don’t cross paths during their stay at the Love Hotel in order to protect their privacy. We carefully consider every last detail so both our guests and their vehicles remain anonymous throughout their stay. This not only ensures total discretion but also adds a sensual halo of mystery to the visit/experience.

Will I run into other guests at the hotel?

No, total discretion, guaranteed. We have waiting rooms and escort guests at all times from the moment they arrive until they reach their room, both on the way in and on the way out, to make sure of it.

How can I make a booking?

All of our hotels by the hour have a section called Contact and Bookings on their website, where you’ll find our phone number and email address. With email bookings, we will confirm the booking by sending a message to the address provided by the client.

And if I show up without a booking?

No problem. As long as there are rooms free, you can book one when you arrive at the hotel. Because, what’s better than spontaneous love?

Will my card be charged when I make the booking?

We don’t ask for credit card details during the booking process. Just remember that your booking expires 30 minutes after the agreed-upon arrival time and the room will be freed up for other guests.

And what if I want to cancel it?

After half an hour, the booking is cancelled automatically.

Can I book a room for three people or more?

No. Our rooms are for couples only.

I want to surprise someone, can I?

We’d love to help you! Just contact us by phone, email or Facebook and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll do whatever we can to make it possible.

I’d like to wait for my partner at the hotel. Can I?

Of course. You can wait in the room and start playing with the lighting, music or whatever you want to let your imagination fly free, preparing the best ambiance for your encounter.

“Couples only”?

A SuperLoveHotel is for adults only and offers a new concept of enjoying love with a partner, full of sophistication and elegance. SuperLoveHotels have been created and designed with love in mind: large beds, hydromassage tubs and tubs for couples.

What if I just want to sleep?

Our beds are really comfortable, and everyone can decide for themselves what to do with them.

What other guests go to the SuperLoveHotels?

Any couple looking to live out their fantasies renting a room or flat by the hour will find our Love Hotels by the hour are the perfect place to satisfy their desires in an intimate, discreet setting.

What does Tourist Friendly mean?

Even though they’re specially designed for love, and we’re always happy to see local guests, our SuperLoveHotels are Tourist Friendly and those visiting Barcelona are also very welcome to come enjoy a few days at any of our hotels.

The bathtubs are really big! Why?

Because they are specially designed for couples with loads of love.

Where do I park my car?

All of the Super Love Hotels have a private car park with security guard in the same building for our guests, with free valet service. Our discretion protocol kicks in the moment a vehicle enters the car park.

Do you have room service?

We have bar and snack service at truly competitive prices. This includes soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches and packaged snacks to avoid handling and ensure quality. The menu, like every last detail at our SuperLoveHotels, has been meticulously selected.

Can I purchase erotic toys at the hotel?

Kits with erotic toys, accessories and other items just for couples. All of this and more at all of our SuperLoveHotels.

Do you have room accessories or kits?

Our menu features a select list of toys and accessories, including the Kit Bijoux Indiscrets, created for the fun and enjoyment of the couples that visit us, as well as bottles of champagne and other little details to make your stay even more special.

I’d like to add something special to the room. Can you help me?

Of course (within reason). Fill the bathtub with champagne, write a message in rose petals, surround the bed with electric candles…the possibilities are endless so it’s best to contact the hotel and tell us your idea.

What are the hotel opening hours?

The doors to love are never closed, so Motel Punt Catorze is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I want to know more. Are there other SuperLoveHotels?

There are 3 other SuperLoveHotels in Barcelona, all enveloped in style, elegance and discretion, but each with its own style and personality:

La França

H Regàs

La Paloma

I still have doubts…

Write us an email or call us on 93 633 02 84 and we’ll be happy to resolve all of your doubts.