Motel Punt14 | Discretion guaranteed in your love hotel

Motel Punt14 | Discretion guaranteed in your love hotel

Nobody will ever see the two of you at Punt14 because we follow a strict protocol that prevents you from ever crossing paths with our other guests: from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave. Our staff are always one step ahead, so you can move about freely and comfortably.

  1. Arrival - Motel Punt14
    1. Arrival

    Whether you come by car, motorbike or on foot, your arrival is always private. If you wish to park your vehicle, a parking area and free valet parking await you. Past the garden path, you will go through a tunnel where cars and motorbikes are kept separately from one another and concealed with dark drapes.

  2. Welcome - Motel Punt14
    2. Welcome

    The staff of Punt14 will park your vehicle in the garage or in a private space if you have reserved a suite. In the meantime, one of our staff members will escort you to the reception. If the reception is seeing to another guest when you arrive, you will have to wait a brief moment in one of our cosy waiting rooms.

  3. Stay - Motel Punt14
    3. Stay

    From the reception, you will be shown to your room, where you may stay and enjoy our 24-hour room service if you wish.

  4. Departure - Motel Punt14
    4. Departure

    When you want to end your stay, call the reception and a member of the Punt14 staff will come to pick you up and escort you to the reception and exit, ensuring that you will not cross paths with anybody.